Grilled Sea Foods – Health Benefits For Diet Conscious Individuals

Do you prefer eating fish rather than meat? Excellent! You’re a health conscious person, and your determination in fulfilling your diet regimen is exceptional. We can derive a lot of vitamins and minerals from fish dishes, besides the much needed protein for our body. Fish contains Omega 3 which is a poly-unsaturated fatty acid that is known to prevent the formation of lesions in the brain. These lesions can trigger “Silent or Mini-Strokes” that can damage the brain, thus causing memory loss. These fatty acids also help in the maintenance of good eyesight, glowing skin, healthy tissue and well functioning muscles. The low fat content is vital to maintain cholesterol and triglyceride levels which are beneficial for a healthy heart. It may also help in reducing joint inflammation associated with arthritis. With these numerous benefits you can obtain from sea foods, surely this would be convincing enough for a meat lover to switch to sea foods.

You can cook varied dishes using fresh fish as your main ingredient. You can have versatility in the process: frying, baking, poaching, steaming, stewing and grilling. Nevertheless, we will be concentrating in grilled fish and sea foods. The convenient and fast way to grill, making a delicious as well as nutritious meal that would greatly benefit a person on a diet regimen. The low fat, thus lower calories that a fish menu provides is really a diet booster. Especially if cooked by grilling. Frying, when not done properly, absorbs too much oil, thus making it a big risk to dieters.

Tender fillet of fish like perch or flounder had to be placed in a wire basket when grilled because of its tendency to break apart when cooked. Wrapping it in aluminum foil can solve this problem. You will know if it’s already done, when it flakes easily. You can test it by piercing a fish with a fork.

Tuna steak and salmon is more firm, so you can usually place it directly on the wire grill. Marinated fillet or whole fish can be basted with a little vegetable or olive oil mixed with marinade. Turn the fish only once during cooking to avoid breaking or crumbling of your dish.

Shellfish like clams and mussels can be grilled too, but you have to discard those that hadn’t opened after five minutes; because that’s the cooking time ideal for shellfish, those that had not opened aren’t fit for consumption. Shellfish requires less cooking time, for tasty and juicy result. It can be eaten raw with lemon and soy sauce too.

Shrimps and Cray fish tastes better when grilled too. They are best served piping hot and dipped in your favorite sauce; surely you will appreciate the time and effort spent in grilling it yourself.

Another good choice is medium to large squid. Stuff the squid with chopped tomatoes, onions and some fresh herbs like basil; sprinkle with salt and seasoning, then placing it in the wire basket to grill. This food is yummy too, provided you never overcook your squid because it will get really tough.

Grilled dishes are suitable for diet conscious individuals as advised by dietitians and nutritionist. Nevertheless, anything in excess is harmful; so we still have to practice moderation in eating.

Raw Food Health Solutions For Dandruff

Although having dandruff can be hugely embarrassing we have lots of ideas for home made preparations you can make from raw foods which will not only rid you of your dandruff but also leave your hair in tip top condition.

What is Dandruff?

Healthy scalps shed skin all the time but when the balance is upset too many skin cells are produced too quickly causing dead skin cells to build up on the scalp, sticking together and breaking off in visible flakes.

How is Dandruff Caused?

Some people simply have more sensitive scalps and dandruff does indeed often run in families. Diets that are too salty, spicy or sugary can make one more prone to dandruff. Sadly, it often happens in puberty when hormone changes occur and when we are at our most self-conscious.

Changes in your Hair Washing Regime

You should wash your hair at least three times a week and brush it several times a day. When shampooing your hair, avoid scratching the scalp and rinse well afterwards. Apparently, if you wash your hair first in very hot water and then in cold water this stimulates the circulation in the scalp (as does standing on your head if you’re feeling athletic!) A number of home made preparations have been found to be effective:

* Alcohol
* Rosemary oil or a mix of olive oil and rosemary leaves
* Tea tree oil
* Coconut oil
* Boil 4 tsp. dried thyme in cup of water, strained and cooled, do not rinse
* Gel of Aloe Vera leaves, leave in overnight, shampoo off in the morning
* Cold compress soaked in olive oil, leave on overnight and shampoo off in morning
* Apple cider vinegar diluted in water, let dry
* Olive oil and ginger root applied to scalp before washing

Chemicals on the hair should be avoided.

Whenever you wash your hair, be sure to soak your hair brushes and combs in very hot water containing some antiseptic.

Sun exposure is good for dandruff because direct ultraviolet light is great for scaly skin conditions. This may explain why dandruff tends to be less severe in summer than winter months.

Raw Foods to Improve Our Scalp Condition

Add more vegetables and fruits to your diet especially anything containing vitamin B6 such as eggs, cabbage, wheat germ and yeast which provide sulphur which is good for the scalp. Other good foods for fighting off dandruff are:

* Beans
* Fruits
* Nuts and Flaxseed oil – said to prevent dandruff, take a tablespoon every day, this also has Omega 3 oil in it which protect the skin from dandruff.
* Garlic is good for dandruff as are onions taken internally or rubbed on the scalp.

But be sure to reduce your intake of the following as they help dandruff increase and spread:

* Refined carbohydrates
* Animal fats
* Dairy foods
* Citrus foods
* Spicy and greasy foods

If you suffer from dandruff these concoctions should be a great tonic for your hair and scalp and leave your hair smelling good as well as looking good. Increasing omega 3 fish oils and cutting out dairy and processed foods, especially spicy food will make your breath smell sweeter as well.

To your health,


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Raw Food Health Solutions For Diarrhea

Diarrhea and Raw Foods

Known by a number of different names such as ‘Delhi belly’, ‘jippy tummy’ ‘the runs’, ‘runny tummy’ which reflects the need to explain to friends and family why we have the sudden and urgent need to go to the toilet. Some people find that an excess of spicy food (hence the first name for it) or excessive alcohol can bring on diarrhea and it can be quite a common experience when traveling in less developed countries where the water supply is suspect.

What is it?

This is the name given to a condition when you pass frequent runny stools. You might also feel cramps in the stomach and feel sick. In most cases this is a temporary situation but if it lasts more than two weeks or if you pass blood then you should go to the doctor.

What are the Causes?

It is caused by irritation of the lining of the intestine leading to increased water being passed in the stools. This irritation can be triggered by an infection from infected food or water or it can be passed direct through physical contact often by hands. Sometimes it can cause by emotional upset or anxiety.

Some children get diarrhea as a result of poor toilet hygiene when they are being potty trained. This can be very upsetting for them but bananas are a great hand held convenience remedy that can be popped in the handbag for outings or easily purchased in an emergency.

What lifestyle changes can you make?

In order to prevent diarrhea, make sure you practice good hand hygiene remembering to wash your hands after using the toilet, playing with pets or gardening. If you have diarrhea, do not share towels and avoid preparing food until it has cleared up for fear of passing it on to the rest of the household.

Long term use of aspirin and ibuprofen can cause diarrhea so if you can, try to find a raw food anti inflammatory such as turmeric that you can add to your cooking.

To be safe, it’s probably best to buy bottled water away from home to avoid any problems.

Raw Foods to Eat

As dehydration results from diarrhea you should make sure you drink plenty of water. It is a good idea to add some honey to it as this works wonders on the intestinal tract to kill off the bacteria. Grapefruit seed extract and freshly squeezed lemon juice also work well in water before a meal as prevention. Barley water is also a good tonic for diarrhea. Foods that are high in carbohydrate are advised but if you don’t feel like eating you could take these as soup.

Other foods that work as antibacterial agents in the intestinal tract are:

* Arrowroot

* Tapioca and semolina

* Black currant – found to stop the growth of E. Coli

* Blueberry

You should avoid the following, as these will have the opposite effect:

* Apples

* Bran

* Coffee

* Olive oil

Diarrhea can be most unpleasant especially when traveling in a foreign country, as it’s best to be near a private toilet at times like these. If you are planning to travel, take a note of some of these remedies and put some honey in your suitcase or backpack. If you tend to be prone to diarrhea keep a stock of dried blackcurrants or blueberries in your cupboard and crush them into water for an instant remedy.

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Our mission is clear and straightforward. We want to bring the most accurate, high-quality and well-researched information about Raw and Living Food and Sustainable Living. Achieving good health should be easy and accessible for everyone and we want to make it easier for you to have access to it. The more we know, the more we can take charge of our life and take steps towards a healthier one!

Dog Food: Health and Nutrition for the Dogs

Dogs have been one of man’s most favorite and reliable pets. Man has taken all the necessary steps to make sure that the pet stays healthy so that they can both enjoy each other’s company. For ages, dogs have been rightly called man’s best friend because of his faithfulness. Pets are known to be a stress buster and hence a source of happiness for many. However, getting a pet alone home is not sufficient, maintaining its health and well-being is also equally important.

Today, due to the busy lives and hectic schedules one is not able to give proper attention to their pets. This can lead to a lot of problems, therefore it is important to make sure that the dogs also get the right kind of food and nutrition. Over the years, dogs have been categorized in the omnivores category. This means that they can eat both plants and animals. It means that they can eat just about anything. Anyone who has or has every had a dog can attest to that.

Though most puppies like and prefer meat, they can also survive on a vegetarian diet as long as they get the necessary nutrition in the form of supplements. To ensure that a dog gets all its relevant dietary needs, one can opt for dog food. There are many companies that manufacture dog food; however, one needs to check judiciously which dog food to depend on. This information can be gathered from the internet or from your pets veterinarian.

The most ideal pet food is one that which provides the animals with all the necessary nutrition in the right proportion and quantity. The dog food must have a blend of meat, vegetables and dietary fibers which will keep your pet healthy and fit. The dog must also be given sufficient water so that it does not get dehydrated. Drinking water is good for any human or animal. Our bodies are mostly make of water, we should always replenish it. Since some animals are left outside, it is important that they have water available at all time, especially when is is hot outside.

While choosing food for the dog one must keep in mind the age of the dog since nutritional needs differ according to age. The pet food meant for pups is different from those meant for adults. Your vet will also be able to give you information as to what food to get for your aging pet.

More information is available on They offer information on what is the best dog food [], including the best dog food [] for small, medium, and large size dogs.

Raw Food Health Solutions For Menopause

Whilst for some women this can be a boon because they no longer have to consider contraception, it can be accompanied by feelings that they are no longer a woman because they can no longer have babies. The emotional affects of the menopause can be disturbing especially for women who reach this stage prematurely. It affects the average woman at about 50.

Quite apart from the emotional impact, women can also experience embarrassing hot flushes during the day and night sweats which can disturb the sleep. Some women experience vaginal itching and dryness making sex uncomfortable. Others may find it makes them want to urinate more urgently and more often. Symptoms can last a few years or even more in some women.

Triggers for menopause

Menopause is triggered by the fall in estrogen levels and as such can be quite a gradual process. Periods become less regular eventually stopping altogether at around early to mid 50s.

Lifestyle changes to minimize the effects

There are a number of ways to reduce the effects of the menopause. Regular exercise can alleviate symptoms by increasing the circulation but also by the release of endorphins that give one a happy sensation to combat the feelings of anxiety often experienced at this time. As the menopause often comes at a time when children are leaving the nest, joining a sports club or playing in a team can give women a lift and an increased social life with other women.

Obviously if you’re prone to hot flushes during the day, wearing layers of clothing means you can easily take off a layer when you need to rather than suffering unnecessarily.

Although at this time women may be tempted to drink more because they feel stressed by the menopause, this actually makes the symptoms worse as does tea and coffee, spicy food and smoking.

Raw Foods to help you cope

Whilst many women resort to HRT, a growing number of women are choosing the natural alternative, Soy. This stems from research showing that Japanese women don’t even have a word in their language for ‘hot flush’ and are known to suffer a lot less than women in western society. Soy contains isoflavones that mimic estrogen in the body. It can be purchased as beans, tofu, milk, bread and yogurt. Recommended amount is 4ounces a day.

It seems distinctly unfair that at the same time as women approach the menopause they also find it difficult to lose weight and this can add to feelings of depression. So, try to reduce your intake of saturated fat in advance. A healthy diet is a must during the menopause with a focus on foods that are high in calcium and potassium. Avoid white bread, white rice and fried food.

These are the raw foods to eat for a healthy menopause:

* Chickpeas

* Pulses

* Wheat grass

* Fruits which are high in potassium to help balance sodium

– Melons

– Bananas

– Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons

* Dried Fruits

– Apricots

– Figs

* Vegetables and salad

– Kale

– Collard greens

– Spinach

– Pak choi

– Broccoli

– Cabbage

– Peppers

– Tomatoes

* Nuts

– Brazil nuts

– Walnuts

* Seeds

– Pumpkin

– Sunflower

– Flax

* Ginger for fluctuations in hormone levels

* Licorice for hot flushes and anxiety

It was probably a man who wrote that the menopause only lasts a few years! For many women it can be a very sad time when they feel their main role in life as a child bearer is no longer theirs. At the same time, children are flying the nest or having their own babies. Women may be retiring but simply have to switch to caring for their own parents. Introducing soy into the diet and increasing your exercise will certainly help but probably sharing your feelings with your women friends will give you the emotional support you need.

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Raw Food Health Solutions For Candida

Understanding Candida and Raw Foods

A largely female problem, candida or thrush can make our life a misery yet we all have the bacteria living inside us and thus the propensity to get it. Thrush has the misfortune to be falsely associated with a cavalier attitude towards sex and many women suffer in private, too embarrassed to seek help for fear of being judged.

How do we Get Candida?

Normally the good bacteria in our body prevents this bad bacteria from growing out of control but when our immune system is low the bacteria becomes virulent and mutates into a fungal infection, on the rampage around the body. It affects the vagina in up to 50% of women in the developed world but can also affect the mouth, digestive tract and the skin. Symptoms are a thick white discharge from the vagina possibly accompanied by itching and pain when passing urine. In the digestive tract it can cause sickness, bloating and flatulence, diarrhea and constipation sometimes with itching in the anus. Elsewhere it can cause skin rashes, aches and pains, sore throat, dizziness, headaches and tiredness.

There are two main causes of candida. The main one seems to be triggered by taking antibiotics. Pregnancy can also trigger it as a result of the changes in hormone levels. Another cause can be a flare up of the immune system possibly caused by Aids or metabolic problems like diabetes. The other main cause, especially in women, is the oral contraceptive pill and immuno suppressive or progestogen drugs.

What can we do about Candida?

There are lots of things you can do to get rid of thrush. Firstly wear loose cotton clothing and if possible avoid underwear. Certainly, avoid using perfumed products such as soaps and shower gels.

Although it’s probably the last thing you feel like doing, especially if you’re not wearing underwear, is to take regular exercise but not too strenuous.

How can Raw Foods Help?

It is more about using the raw foods in a douche down below rather than eating them on this occasion although you can do both of course.


* Acid douche (weak solution of fresh lemon juice or vinegar (1 tbsp.) and 10 fluid ounces of water)
* Vinegar is acidic and helps restore the PH balance to help the bacteria fight the yeast infection

Tea Tree Oil

* Inserted into the vagina on a tampon or on a panty liner or sanitary towel


* Garlic inhibits the growth of the fungi in the body.
* Peel a clove of garlic, wrap it in muslin and insert it gently into the vagina, leave it in overnight (you may want to sleep on your own!)

Saturated fats and essential oils

* Omega-3 oils
* Flax-seed and borage oils (1 tbsp. flax seeds or its oil twice daily – used as salad-dressing.
* Avocado
* Nuts
* Olives and olive oil

At the same time reduce foods that the bad bacteria want to feed on:


* Fructose, fruit juices, honey, molasses
* All sugar-sweetened foods and snacks, sweets, fruit-juice.

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from thrush or candida the diet you should switch to will not only get rid of your discomfort but could leave you pounds lighter and much healthier, especially if you manage to fit in some exercise as well.

To your health,


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Our mission is clear and straightforward. We want to bring the most accurate, high-quality and well-researched information about Raw and Living Food and Sustainable Living. Achieving good health should be easy and accessible for everyone and we want to make it easier for you to have access to it. The more we know, the more we can take charge of our life and take steps towards a healthier one!

Raw Food Health Solutions For Constipation

A classic sign usually of a poor diet, low in fiber, this condition is usually easy to address with long lasting better health resulting. It is your body’s way of telling you that changes need to be made. However, there may be other changes you should think about too because like IBS it can be a sign of unexpressed anger which needs to be sorted out along with your diet.

What is it?

Constipation is a relatively common ailment that affects people of all ages. It is a condition whereby you find it difficult to pass stools and when you do, they are quite hard and painful. It affects more women than men particularly during pregnancy. Stomach-ache, cramps and sometimes a feeling of being bloated can accompany bowel motions.

How is it caused?

The main cause of constipation is lack of fiber in the diet and lack of exercise. It tends to be more evident in underweight and overweight people. Some medicines can cause constipation as a side effect; these include antidepressants, iron supplements, indigestion remedies and water tablets. In pregnancy constipation it is usually caused by the hormonal changes in the body. In children, constipation can result from a fear of going to the toilet.

Stress can also be a cause in adults and causes of the underlying stress need to be addressed along with the diet if one takes a holistic approach. Some people claim that constipation is an indication of unexpressed anger and an example of this might be in a family with a new baby where the toddler is unable to express feelings of jealousy in any other way. The attention they get from mother from this condition can if unchecked become a pattern.

Lifestyle changes you should make

As well as changing the diet it is important to increase your exercise and increase fluid intake (water please!). Increasing water consumption is often suggested for conditions where unexpressed anger or resentment can be at the root of the problem. It is in any case beneficial to drink a lot of water. In addition, you need to be doing 30 minutes of exercise a day.

Raw Foods to improve the stools

It is important to increase fiber in your diet to at least 18-30gms per day. High fiber foods are listed below. The most effective cure by far is believed to be wheat bran. Apparently ý½ of a cup of wheat bran has the same effect as 11 apples, 14 slices of whole meal bread or 5 cups of carrots.

* Fruit

– Apples
– Apricots
– Grapes
– Peaches
– Pears
– Plums
– Prunes
– Raspberries
– Strawberries

* Seeds
* Vegetables

– Carrots
– Cabbage

* Water – at least a liter per day
* Nuts
* Beans

Constipation is a relatively straightforward ailment to address with diet not forgetting the all important exercise but also think about whether you need to make other changes to your lifestyle to make it less stressful or do something about the anger you may be bottling up. If your young child has constipation, give them attention for other positive things they are doing rather than focusing on toilet time. Of course if it happens to be that you are pregnant then you are off the hook because it’s all perfectly normal and one of the many inconveniences we go through for that lovely bundle of joy at the end of 9 months!

To your health,


Mission Statement

Our mission is clear and straightforward. We want to bring the most accurate, high-quality and well-researched information about Raw and Living Food and Sustainable Living. Achieving good health should be easy and accessible for everyone and we want to make it easier for you to have access to it. The more we know, the more we can take charge of our life and take steps towards a healthier one!.

Your Various Choices In Organic Food Health Ingredients

Organic food natural ingredients are wonderful additions to anyone’s diet. No longer does a person just have to rely on the processed foods that litter today’s grocery shelves.

Because organic foods use little to no additive and pesticides, a person can have a healthier body both inside and out. No matter what type of cooking or even gift giving a person does, such natural ingredients can be a part of it.

The natural ingredients can be the turning point in the health of children if the adults will consider not using processed foods. Childhood obesity is on the rise almost in every nation, and organic food with organic food natural ingredients can help to change this growing trend.

Children need to have natural ingredients put in their body so hopefully they will make good choices in the future. If they do not choose healthy options, than obese children become obese adults.

Such natural ingredients are also found in organic baking. Baking with organic materials can be both healthy and fulfilling. Those that love bread as a snack may have a weight issue due to their dependence on white bread.

The natural ingredients found in organic bread and cookies are healthy and can taste just as good and a person will never know what they are missing. The local organic food markets can also offer such natural ingredients in the item that they bake and sell.

One such market that sells these baked delicacies is Whole Foods Market. These organic grocery stores can be found all over the nation.

Another item that people purchase that contain such natural ingredients is an organic food gift basket. Here a multitude of items that are organic can be found in one place.

In a food basket, a person that already eats organically can help introduce someone who normally would not eat organic food, get a taste of how to eat healthy and the different tastes of the organic food market.

Organic food natural ingredients are now available in almost all local groceries stores. What cannot be found here, an individual can definitely find online. If a person will just switch to organic materials when they cook, society would be a healthier place to be.

With such an emphasis on going green for the environment placed on consumers, going green while cooking has never been easier or more convenient.

Whether it be a the local farmers market or at the local grocery store, organic food natural ingredients are more accessible and this in itself gives people no reason why they should not be making healthier choices when it comes to what they put into their bodies.

Enrich your knowledge further by reading more great organic food natural [] ingredients articles from Mike Selvon portal. We appreciate your feedback at our organic cooking [] blog where a free gift awaits you.

Fast Food & Health – What Are the Choices?

We have all seen the documentaries about fast food restaurants on low-income areas and how they cause the residents in the area to become obese. The simple fact that the restaurant is there is very bad for the residents.

Poor men and women are presented with few choices when it comes to eating out due to the rising prices of food all around. Selection is thin when there’s only so much that one is able to spend. They tend to go for the good deal and for a place that is close by. A one dollar hamburger looks like a great deal at the local fast-food joint but is terrible in its calorie content and awful for your health.

In fact, there hasn’t just been one documentary done on this story. There has been an ample amount of involvement in the cinematic world, and many documentaries and TV specials have chronicled the problems that people face with respect to these issues. New York’s Area Council got involved and made new labeling laws that it hoped would help gain people’s awareness of this problem. By letting people know what they were eating, the theory was that people might begin to think twice about any poor nutritional habits that may exist.

Unfortunately, the result wasn’t what they were hoping it would be. Even with the new labeling laws in place a recent survey showed that there was virtually no change in the diet habits of New York’s poor people. They still continue on the same track of a poor diet, eating the same bad foods that they’ve always eaten without any serious regard for what it does to their bodies.

Companies such as McDonald’s and KFC seem to think that this is wrongful information however and report that men and women are ordering food that is lower in fat and calories. This makes no sense. How could they have such different information than the independent survey?

One thing that could be setting the figures off is the fact that chains like Subway have much healthier low cost foods and the chains with the unhealthy foods like McDonald and KFC are using the healthy reports in their equation. This will definitely throw the numbers off for an accurate report.

What the metropolis is doing is using the reports from wealthier neighborhoods where better food is more readily available and group those reports with those from the poorer neighborhoods that don’t offer the healthier food.

All-in-all the City’s statement is useless. The poor are still making bad food choices.

A List of Common Soy Foods & Health Benefits

I will list common soy foods that many people around the world are using in their healthy diets. Soy contain complete protein and is the easiest protein to digest of protein class. Soy contains little or no fat and no cholesterol. The list is as follows:

Miso is a medicinal food made from fermented soybean paste. It is helps to alkalize our body, lowers cholesterol, represses carcinogens, helps to neutralize allergens and pollutants from the environment, and provides an immune enhancing environment.

Miso is a tasty and healthy base as a salt substitute, soup, sauces, spreads, cooking stock, dips, and soy sauce. There are various strengths, kinds,and flavors of miso such as chickpea which is (mild), and hatcho (strong). Natto miso is the sweetest of the miso’s, natto is a mix of soybeans, barley and barley malt, kombu (a seaweed), ginger, and sea salt. Unpasteurized is most popular for a healing diet, since beneficial bacteria and other enzymes, and flavor is undamaged.

Miso is so concentrated that you must use no more than one half teaspoon of dark miso, or one teaspoon of light miso per individual. Miso should be dissolved in a small amount of water to activate the beneficial enzymes before adding it to your recipe. Please remember when you use miso disregard adding SALT.

Soy Cheese is made from soy milk and is cholesterol and lactose free. A small amount of calcium caseinate (a milk product) is added to allow soy cheese to melt. A selection of cheddar, cream cheese types, jack, mozzarella, are readily available. When replacing low fat cheese with soy cheese, use it cup for cup.

Soy Milk is very nutritious, delicious, smooth and versatile. It is vegetable based, cholesterol and lactose free with unsaturated polyunsaturated fat. Soy milk contains less calcium and calories than milk, but contains more protein and iron. In comes plain or in a vanilla flavor. Soy milk is used cup for cup as milk for baking, health shakes, and teas. Use the plain for savory dishes and flavored for sweet dishes and on cereal. Soy ice cream, soy yogurt are available in a wide variety of flavors. Soy mayonnaise has been developed and has the same consistency of dairy mayonnaise.

Tamari is a wheat free soy sauce lower in sodium and richer in flavor than regular soy sauce. Bragg’s Liquid Aminos is an excellent,energizing protein broth and is in the tamari family but is unfermented, lower in sodium and contains 8essential amino acids. Tempeh is a meaty Indonesian fermented soy food, containing complete protein and all essential amino acids. It has a robust texture and mushroom like aroma. Tempeh is also a predigested product due to the enzyme action in its culturing, making it very affordable.

Tofu is a delicious soy food, made from soybeans, water, and nigari a mineral rich seawater precipitate. Fresh tofu has a light, delicate character that can take on any flavor perfectly from savory to sweet. It comes firm pressed in cubes, a soft delicate for, or silken with a custard like texture. Tofu is a versatile food source, it is nutritionally balanced healing food, an nutritionally adequate source of complex carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. It is easy on the digestive system, full of soluble fiber, and non-mucous way to add richness and creamy texture to a recipe. My favorite smoothie is a blend of silken tofu, soy or rice milk. 1/2 banana, 1/2 dice apple, 1/4 cup of blueberry and cranberries, 1 T. honey, and a dash of cayenne pepper.